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Concrete Flatwork in Palm Coast

Best Concrete Flatwork in Palm Coast

Concrete resurfacing by hiring Palm Coast, FL. concrete specialists are extremely convenient as it allows the homeowner to acquire a brand new surface at a very reasonable price irrespective of the fact new concrete might cost. Concrete resurfacing is also known as decorative resurfacing. It is a procedure of renovating old surfaces with the help of the latest technologies to grant them a brand new look. 

Concrete Methods

There are several methods that specialists choose from when trying to revamp a concrete. They may treat the already existing surface or may lay down a brand new surface on the existing one. Any which way, resurfacing can completely transform the look and feel of a house. How Is Resurfacing Done By These Specialists? 

Listed below are some examples of the most popular concrete resurfacing methods used by Palm Coast, FL. concrete specialists.

Epoxy Floor Finish 

There are several reasons why specialists choose epoxy floors. Epoxy floors have a finish that is impact-resistant, slip-resistant, fire resistant and chemical resistant. 

Lime coat Finish 

This is basically quartz or limestone coating which looks very similar to real stone. This is ideal for an array of commercial and residential applications. This technique was originally developed to restore historical buildings and is now in trend at amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, and stadiums. 

Stamped Concrete 

This kind of concrete has become extremely popular over the last decade. Such surfaces are formed by doing finishing operations with patterned concrete and textured mats on concrete which is freshly laid. The experts even improve the finished look by doing color additions. 

Spray Paving 

Spray-on paving can dramatically improve the way a concrete appears. This is essentially a polymer modified coating (cement-based) that is particularly designed to be used on already existing concrete surfaces. It is obtainable in a range of colors, offering plenty of choice to the homeowner. Prior to using the spray, stencils are fixed to the surface that requires resurfacing after which a pattern is created.


This is the most practical and quickest method for resurfacing an uneven concrete surface. It is built of highly fluid concrete and polymer. These surfaces are known to have the ability to level out without the help of a trowel. It helps get a very clean, beautiful and contemporary look. 

Palm Coast, FL. concrete specialists make use of revolutionary techniques to build beautiful concrete surfaces. Apart from stamped, stained, sprinkled and polished varieties, flatwork is receiving prominence as well. Concrete these days is worked upon in almost every way possible. These specialists can etch sandblast, polish, and cast at any time during concrete facing. However, before making any decision, homeowners must consult us as your most trusted concrete professionals in Palm Coast, FL and assess whether the surface is suitable for resurfacing. The surface has to be repaired primarily of larger and minor cracks. Moreover, the original concrete must be solid and sound. The concrete which has several deep cracks, or is damaged due to freezing is not suitable for concrete resurfacing. 

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Palm Coast, FL. Concrete specialists have years of experience in the area of spray-paving and concrete resurfacing. They help the homeowners take a well-informed decision when they have to decide what to do with the existing surface. For more information feel free to contact our number is 407-250-9794. We offer free quotes on all commercial and residential concrete services!